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A guide to choosing the perfect tribute

Choosing flowers for a funeral can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Butterflies Flowers london have created some beautiful tributes for funerals over the years and would like to offer some helpful advice on what to consider when making your choice. 

We can help guide you through the process of choosing funeral flowers that will be perfect for your loved one’s service.

We believe that the single most important thing to do is to choose funeral flowers that are what you think would have been appropriate for your loved one something that really represents them however small or large it is there is no right or wrong. 

And if you’re after something completely bespoke, though this will be a great starting point, feel free to get in touch to start creating that special arrangement.

We can offer our experience and alternatives 



  •  The Shape

First start with Choosing the shape of your overall flower design.

You'll need to consider which kind of shape of flowers you would like to go with.

As a starting point, we’ve listed some of the most popular shapes below.

The modern trend for funeral flowers is to personalise them or go with a different shape giving you more of a bespoke design.

Most popular traditional styles are,

Double Ended oasis spray.

Single Ended oasis spray


Round Posie

Oasis Wreath ring

Cushions & pillows 

Hearts ~ Single Heart, Single Open, Double Heart,  Double Open

Letters and names 

Bespoke personlaised 


Once you’ve decided on the shape of your tribute, next we’ll start to build the look and feel of your arrangement. This part is key to the overall design and can be chosen from three options.

    1.    Flowers chrysanthemum based 

    2.    Mixed Loose 

    3.    Layered leaves



Colours of flowers and what they mean. Some types of flowers colours can also signify meaning.
•    White – reverence, youthfulness & innocence
•    Red – respect, love & courage.
•    Pink – Love & grace.
•    Yellow – Friendship.
•    White – pure love & innocence. 
•    Pink – remembrance
•    Pink & white – eternal love.


Each traditional arrangement comes with a choice of coloured ribbon and posy, This part is all about the finishing touches and is quite simple, ribbon, or natural leaves.



One of my favourite parts is all about personalisation.

When personalising funeral flowers, the possibilities are endless,  For example, the designs you choose can have specific meanings for both the person who has died and their family.

These can be centred around hobbies or elements of the loved ones life into their funeral arrangements, such as a favourite book, food and drinker a nickname.

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